1960 Cessna C310D

If you are looking for a comfortable traveling airplane with a lot to offer - this is the one !!! I bought N6758T ten years ago and used it to transport a daughter to and from college, visit family in Florida and New Jersey, business travel to Albany and Angel Flights.  58T has been a solid performer over the years.  As an A&P with IA authorization I have spent considerable time going over each detail of 58T over the years.

Recent upgrades - the Garmin 430 was upgraded to a 430 WAAS unit.  The King transponder, which was located under the digital RMI on the pilots side, has been removed and replaced with a Garmin 327 transponder.  The new Garmin transponder is now located in the center radio stack and the King DME was moved from the center radio stack to the pilots side.  Faceplates on the King DME and 196 Comm unit were replaced with new faceplates.  The pilots pitch trim switch (1C670) was replaced with a new switch during the annual this year - yes, new not used. Do a search on this part number and you'll be surprised at the cost and condition of what is out there used. A pitch trim switch is not something you want to question when on final in a crosswind.


58T is a five seat 310 D model, the first year of the swept tail.  She has two aux fuel tanks giving you a total fuel load of 130 gallons providing a five hour plus range.  The rear seats recline and have wooden tray tables.  A PS Engineering intercom is installed with connections for five and audio inputs for music.  58T has a belly strobe and a new tail strobe beacon.  The navigation lights are two stage LEDs; they can be set to steady or flash.

During the March 2013 annual both main tires and tubes were replaced with new; all brake pads were replaced with new; ELT batteries replaced; left, right and tail navigation lights replaced with NavStrobe bulbs; BAS inertial reel shoulder harness and lap belts installed; new air filters; and the complete airplane was treated with Corrosion X.  The current annual was completed in March 2014.

Batteries were replaced in June 2012.  The Southwind heater was removed and replaced with a C&D heater which has no ADs. I wasn't happy with the cargo and rear seat floors so they were all removed and replaced with new flooring.  Carpet was replaced with an AirTex carpet.  Tail de-ice boots were replaced in 2008.  All de-ice boots work.

In 2010 both generator systems were removed and replaced with PlanePower 70 amp alternators.  The landing lights will never go dim on you.  The alternator conversion includes electronic voltage regulators.  All wiring was replaced from the engines to the circuit breaker panels and the battery box.  The battery box was painted in epoxy.  A complete Electronis International VA-1A-50 volt/amp indication system was installed with shunts for the left alternator, right alternator and the battery - you can monitor each system separately.

Two digital clocks are installed - a Davtron 877 unit and a Davtron 811D unit.  Aero Enhancements glareshield lighting is installed with emergency backup lighting.  Both the pilot and co-pilot instrument panels were replaced and all post lighting fully functional.  Pilots post light was replaced with a red/white LED unit.

While 58T has been hangered for the ten years I have owned her she also has a complete set of cowl, pitot, and exhaust plugs as well as a cabin cover should she need to be outside so any reason.


Both engines were overhauled (right in 2006, left in 2007) with the following details - the crank shafts and all steel parts were inspected and overhauled (including lifters and rockers) by Aircraft Specialties in Oklahoma; the crank cases were overhauled by DivCo; oil coolers overhauled by Pacific Oil Coolers; the cylinders are all chromed units from Gibson aviation with all new valves, seat, springs, pistons, pins, rings, etc; the fuel systems (pump, controller, spider) were overhauled by Aircraft Fuel Specialist; prop governors were overhauled by ProProp; exhaust pipes were overhauled by Dawley; new Slick magnetos and harnesses installed; vacuum pumps (wet, both sides) and tach generators were overhauled; installed F&M oil filters; installed Wolf air/oil separators; installed GAMI injectors; all fuel and oil hoses in the engine compartments were replaced with new hose; all engine mounts were replaced with new. Both engines have complete REIFF pre-heater systems installed so the cylinders and oil pan can be pre-heated.

The left engine has 109 hours SMOH and the right engine has 180 hours SMOH.

Avionics and panel:

58T can deal with some nasty weather and bring you though comfortably.  She has a King KCS 55A slaved HSI which is connected to a Garmin 430W (WAAS).  58T is GPS enroute and approach certified.  A Garmin 327 transponder is part of the center radio stack.  There is a Narco NAV 122D so you have two fully operational ILS systems.  An MD-41 annunciator panel is installed.  A King DME is in the rack allowing for the approaches requiring DME.  A Davtron digital RMI is installed and connected to both nav units which are selectable from the unit itself.  A WX-10 Stormscope is installed to help you steer clear of t-storms.  There is a King KMA audio panel and a King KX 165 comm radio as the second comm.

The autopilot is the Century III AK557 system with altitude hold and glide-slope coupler allowing for coupled ILS approaches.

There is a JPI EDM-760 engine monitor system which was upgraded with the latest software last year.  The JPI has the ability to download its memory to a USB drive and using software on your PC you can review previous flights checking the health of the engines.  I consider the JPI an essential piece of safety equipment.  Also installed is a Shadin DigiFlow Fuel Computer which is tied to the Garmin allowing for complete awareness of fuel on-board , fuel required to destination, fuel per NM, etc.

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